Lady in Red

When Taylor came to me with an idea to do a James Bond inspired maternity session, I about jumped out of my chair! For those that don’t know, I grew up with having the whole James Bond collection and have seen every single one, minus the brand new ones… no one’s better than Pierce Brosnan, I know you Sean Connery fans will disagree with me lol. Anyways, this couple absolutely slayed this shoot and I can’t help but post them all for everyone to enjoy as well.

Dress by: Charlotte Rose Custom














Jessica & Logan

I Love Adventures! This couple wanted to make their session a mini day adventure, which I was more than down for 🙂 I suggested a few locations, usually ones I’ve never been to, and they chose Bok Tower in Lake Wales FL. The rolling hills, old oak trees and the small orange grove right outside the garden called for them. This session was nothing but laughs, love and a beautiful adventure around one of the most gorgeous grounds I’ve seen in Florida. I can’t wait for their wedding this coming November. Congratulations Jess & Logan

  • Dress is from Cypress Rose Boutique



Jensen + Calvin


Cheers to a New Year!

Being a girl who literally grew up on top of a horse, this was my dream couples session. I decided I was going to kick off my blog posting of my past sessions with this cute one, because I mean who doesn’t love adorable couples and pretty horses. Everything was coordinated by me, all the way to the green crowns on the horses head, I just can’t take credit for making them cause my friend Kalka gets all the credit for that one! The amazing fur throw in some of shots is from @spirithoods, if only it was as cold then as it is now cause man it will keep you warm lol. I hope everyone enjoys looking at this session as much as I enjoyed shooting it 🙂


Side note: shooting with one horse let alone with the two wasn’t as easy as it looks. The black one, Reina wasn’t about Moose getting close to her.


A Team

A couple of weekends ago I got the privilege in shooting Amber Dodzweit’s A Team yearly meet up at the ASPI Training Center. I wasn’t sure what to expect… thought it would be like shooting any other group of people working out, but lord was I wrong! The workout she put these girls through had my eyes wide and extremely happy I was behind my camera. haha. Another thing that made this different was their team work and support for each other. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a group of girls from all over the country rally together like I did that day, was truly inspiring and made my job that much more fun. I didn’t want to take photos of them just training and sweating bullets, but capture the emotion as well. It’s important to me that people seeing these images can feel what these girls did that day!

If you don’t know who Amber Dodzweit is or want to know more about her training programs, check out her website

Special Thanks to sponsors Flap Jacked & Essential Water


Of course I had to get a shot of my shoes while testing light 🙂


TK & Welded and Weathered co.

After a couple months of putting this together, I’m proud to finally show the whole shoot we worked so hard on. It’s taken me awhile due to after the shoot, my computer crashed! Huge bummer! So after figuring out what my plan of action was and got myself all set up again, I was able to sit down and tackle these in-between my clients photos.

This day was one of the best days of my life. Everyone that came together worked so well and it was just down right fun! No stress, no drama, just sheer creative bliss. I can’t thank my wonderful team enough and especially Welded and Weathered co for building all these items! Which by the way do wedding rentals.. wink wink! If you love what you see, or are interested in any these ladies services, please head over to their Instagram accounts to check out more of their work. All these venders are located on the West Coast of Florida, but I know some would be willing to travel.

  • Model: @Shayne.Leighton
  • Photographer: @Tarakoenke
  • Decor: @Weldedandweatheredco
  • MUA: @hashtag_Andream
  • Hair: @Karimoxie
  • Florist: @Jardinfloraldesign
  • BTS Video: @Shutterupmedia

Shoot Breakdown

When I got to the location, the shoot went from being just the 3 panel shoot in the woods to also a more modern/rustic outdoor set up. I fell in love with the front of the house and that wall! For the colors and styling, I went for more editorial and dramatic fairytale look. I really wanted each photo to stand on its own. I tend to get very particular in having everything match but I came to realize with some being different lighting, that the colors and look were going to be different. I used all natural light for this shoot and a reflector. Towards the end I popped in the mini copper wire lights for the Bokeh effect. For editing I switch back and forth from Lightroom to Photoshop. If anyone has any questions on how anything was done, I’d be happy to help!

Thank you again everyone for an amazing shoot, looking forward to future ones!


A man and his pup

My shoot yesterday was rescheduled due to crappy hair and makeup artists that can’t be professional, but I didn’t let it ruin my day completely! I’m going to fix this by creating a referral list I can confidently give to my clients on where to book for such services!

For the fun part of my day, I went on small local adventure with my man and his new puppy. So I did a small mini series on a man and his pup. I figured this would be a cute idea for any pet owner or if you want a session with whom ever you classify as your best friend! Take a look and let me know what you think!


Baby Daxton

Very exciting post for my family. World welcome baby Daxton!

So excited I got to go in after the delivery and after the new mom and dad got settled. Congratulations on a beautiful and healthy baby! imgl1941imgl1943imgl1946imgl1950imgl1963imgl1966imgl1968imgl1969imgl1971imgl1974imgl1977imgl1984imgl1988imgl1991imgl1994imgl2006imgl2015imgl2017imgl2022imgl2026imgl2029imgl2036imgl2045imgl2046imgl2049imgl2051imgl2054imgl2064imgl2071imgl2077imgl2093imgl2108imgl2126imgl2132imgl2134imgl2154imgl2167imgl2168imgl2175imgl2178imgl2199imgl2205imgl2219imgl2224